Thursday, 21 April 2011

Things to forget (and stop)

- Organize my life.
- Fall in love with the man I paid to sleep with yesterday.
- Drink cold coffee.
- Paint the bathroom in Jamaican style.
- Do nightmares with Lady Gaga in it.
- Do things I don't like (especially  the "do no- thing").
- Lose my credit and Id card every night (and morning. and afternoon).
- Be (too) nice and creamy. coz cream is fat.
- Get a sunburn after falling asleep during few hours.
- Pretend to understand people and (be) like them.
- Feel trapped in a cave when people talk to me.
- Try to fly without any wing.
- Escape reality with travels. and cheese.
- Take out every piece of string I find to make bracelets. No wrist enough.
- Forgive.

All rights reserved © Elisa Routa 
Quebec, Canada- February 2011