Wednesday, 28 November 2012


© Elisa Routa

When I asked Mister (S)Mell to define Alex Knost, I thought he'd try and get out of the (fucking) question (fucking stupid journalist). But, no. He got out his usual exhaustive list of adjectives worthy out of guy writing a text message whilst driving, without thinking. Or very little. "Happy. Smily. He often smells bad, funny, caring, interesting, creative, a cheese and coffee lover, vegetarian, total stoner, brilliant, likes longboarding, he drinks beers, women like his clothes, total killer, tanned, got a pretty good botton turn."

Extract from my text about Jared Mell in Desillusion Magazine #4 "This is Alex"

Alex Knost  & Christina Kee
Tomorrows Tulips
Biarritz, Summer 2012.